08.01.2021           FEMALE

Allow me to introduce you to Asi, a stunning British Shorthair Black Golden Shaded girl with striking green eyes that you can easily get lost in. She loves to play and is always eager for some quality time with her human companions. Asi is incredibly affectionate, and her warm cuddles and soft purrs are guaranteed to make anyone feel loved and content. As a mother, she is nothing short of amazing. Asi is a dedicated and nurturing parent, and she cares for every single one of her kittens with an unrelenting tenderness. Watching her stuff her mouth with food and bring it to her kittens when she believes they are ready for solid foods is truly heartwarming. She is our first Queen and the beginning of our cattery. She enriches our life with her beauty, playfulness, and caring nature. 

04.02.2022           FEMALE

Meet Darya, a truly exquisite Golden Chinchilla with a stunning coat that shimmers in the light. Her big, beautiful, and mesmerizing emerald eyes are nothing short of enchanting, and they will capture your heart in an instant. Darya is a true beauty, and she comes from a top-quality bloodline of British royalty, making her a rare and highly sought-after gem in the world of cat lovers. Her graceful movements and gentle nature are a testament to her royal heritage, and she carries herself with poise and elegance. Darya is more than just a pretty face; she is a companion that fills our life with beauty and love. She is a constant reminder of the majestic legacy of the British Shorthair breed.

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