Our Cats

Welcome to Sultan Cats, a TICA-registered cattery based in Louisville, Kentucky. Formerly located in Beaverton, Oregon. We aim to produce healthy, beautiful, and loving kittens that will become cherished members of their new families.

Our cats and kittens receive the utmost care and attention, including regular veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, and deworming. We believe in nurturing and socializing our kittens from an early age, so they are well-adjusted and friendly members of the family. We pride ourselves on producing kittens with excellent temperaments, in addition to their physical beauty.

Our approach to cat care centers around building trust between felines and humans, and as such, we never confine our cats to crates or cages. Our cats and kittens live among us, enjoying lots of love and affection. We cherish our cats and kittens and only provide them with the best of everything. We provide our fur babies with a premium, species-appropriate diet, including raw human-grade meats, to ensure they are healthy and happy. Our ultimate goal is to place our kittens in the best loving homes where they will be treasured and well-cared for. By adopting one of our adorable kittens, you can look forward to welcoming a furry friend with impeccable manners into your home.

Meet our Family of Cats:

Our Kings
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All of Our Cats:

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